Taking a look back at the mob that gathered on the Plaza one year ago, are there options for teens?

KANSAS CITY, Missouri - Rumors swirled this week about another mob of teenagers gathering on the Country Club Plaza. Police were ready with a plan and extra officers. Just one year earlier, 700 teenagers took over the streets and sidewalks causing violent chaos.

It sparked debate and conversation about what there is for children and teenagers to do in Kansas City after dark.

Civic Leader Alvin Brooks says that talk was for not. He says, to date, no activities or options have been added.

That's why he warns that another mob could pop up again in a heartbeat.

Brooks explains, "They're going to find a place to go whether you want them there or not and most of the time they're going to go where you don't want them to go."

"Do we wait for the Plaza to come up again or some other part of the city?" Brooks questioned.

He contends the problem is bigger than a few hundred children, "Because it is east of Troost, there's a lot of conversation about it but very little action taken."

The problem, Brooks says, lies in a part of the city known for violence that isn't being supported enough financially to create adequate activities for children.

He says there's a mentality amongst Kansas City residents that if it doesn't affect a person directly, they won't work to solve the problem.

Brooks knows the thinking has to change because, he says, the city needs everyone to pitch in.

"Used to call it the last of the livable cities," Brooks says, "It can be that."

The mob on April 10, 2010 was the largest of several that popped up last spring.

Curfew on Friday and Saturday nights in Kansas City for anyone under 18 is midnight.

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