Thieves steal $85,000 tow truck from Kansas City charity

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - New security measures are in place at the Auto Donation Center in Kansas City after thieves stole their tow truck.

Michael Lane, the director of the center, said they didn't steal from him, they stole from sick kids.

"As an auto donation center we have one tow truck and this is what we use to bring our cars in," Lane said.

The donated cars help children with cancer and other illnesses.

"We'll pay your gas bill, we'll pay your electric bill. Or you need a car because you have to take a cab back and forth or a bus to get your little kid for chemo or dialysis, here's a car," Lane said.

Early Monday morning, thieves stole the one thing that keeps the charity going-- its $85,000 tow truck.

Security cameras caught one person breaking in and driving off.

"These guys are tow truck guys, they know what they're doing. They're tow truck crooks, not tow truck guys," Lane said.

Now, the charity has to use a trailer to move cars which takes four times as long.

They're hoping the video will help find the culprits, or their conscience kicks in.

"We can go home feeling good knowing we did something good for somebody, whereas someone who steals a truck in the middle of the night they go home feeling like junk," Lane said.

Police are looking for a white Ford F-350 they believe helped in the theft. The center is offering a $5,000 reward for anyone who finds the stolen truck.

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