Three shot on Country Club Plaza, Mayor James 50 yards away

UPDATE: Plaza politics expected to take center stage this week at City Hall

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Even as Kansas City's mayor and other city officials walked the streets of the Country Club Plaza to see if the city should impose an earlier curfew, violence erupted.

Two females, one was 16 and the other is an unspecified teenager, and one male, 13, were hit by bullets about 11:30 p.m Saturday night.

Police were unable to find the person who fired the gun.  They are looking for one, possibly two shooters.

Officials said three males were hiding in the bushes near 47th and Wyandotte across from the Fogo de Chao restaurant.

Mayor Sly James was at the Plaza when the shooting happened. One of his bodyguards reportedly pushed him to the ground when he heard the shots.

"You don't have time to be afraid, you don't have time to react until everything slows down and you see blood on the pavement then you have a chance to react that's what we cant have, this needs to be addressed," James said.

James said he doesn't know if the incident will influence the push for an earlier curfew at the plaza.

"We're going to have a conversation with the council, the manager, and all the other involved entities in order to find the best and most efficient way to address the problem. I can't predict if that means a charter change, an ordinance change or something else," said James.

James talked about the curfew issue Saturday morning with a civic group.

"Here's what happens a lot, people demand that something happens, it happens, and as soon as it happens and affects their child, they want your head," said James.

All three of the victims were juveniles. The injuries they sustained were not life-threatening.

Attorneys for Highwoods Properties, the owner of the Plaza, support changing the city curfew to 9 p.m.  City councilman Ed Ford said he was considering the change.

"I'm certainly open minded to supporting it," said Ford.

The company released a statement Sunday afternoon regarding the incident Saturday night:

"We were saddened to learn that three people were injured last night on the Plaza and they and their families are in our thoughts and prayers as we wish them their expected full recoveries.

The safety and security of Plaza visitors and merchants are always our top priorities and we are proactively working with the police department to help prevent further violence of any kind on the Plaza.

A curfew would have merit in our view, but that is a decision our capable mayor and his team of municipal experts need to weigh.

This isolated incident was a random and unfortunate act and further action is being taken to keep it that way.‬"

James said he wants to talk to Kansas City parents, school leaders, and police officers before making a change to the curfew change. He believes there aren't enough activities for young people to do. James said he would like to have a solution by next weekend.

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