Too fast: Dangers of crossing the highway

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Ezkial.Crapo's life was cut short when the 13-year-old tried to run across the highway to get to Wal-Mart over the weekend.

Missouri Highway Patrol Trooper Bill Lowe says it's easy for people to misjudge how fast a car is traveling on the highway.

"The faster those cars are going, the more ground they're covering," Lowe said. "It may seem like you can cross at a safe point but the reality is the vehicles are going so fast they're covering a lot of ground."

Most cars are traveling at least 75 miles per hour on the highway. Using the distance formula, a car traveling at that speed can cover about 110 feet in one second.  That means, in about three seconds a car can cover the length of three basketball courts—making it almost impossible for a pedestrian to try to cross in enough time.

"When you have a vehicle that is so far away, we can't really grasp how fast the vehicle is going when it's coming at us. Reality is you've got to be moving pretty fast to get across the highway," Lowe said.

More people are on the road during the summer months. Motorcyclists, bicyclists and pedestrians will be in places they're not supposed to be. Drivers often filter out things they're not supposed to see, such as pedestrians on the highway.

"Being on the interstate is not a safe place to be whether you're walking or parked on the shoulder," Lowe said. "We would encourage you to walk on the shoulder grass area. When you get to the interchange that's when you cross the highway, if you have to cross the highway. At no point in time do we want you to cross the interstate itself it's just not safe to do so."

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