Travelers met with snowed in cars at KCI

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - As travelers finally make it to Kansas City International Airport, some are delayed once more.

Since Sunday, 7,000 flights were grounded because of the snow, but many finally landed, but were met with their cars stuck under more than a foot of snow.

KCI tweeted Wednesday reminding people to keep shovels in their cars for that very reason. We spoke to one traveler who was shocked to see his car under that much snow.

Parrish Burns came back from a nice, warm vacation from South America, and was faced with another hiccup in his 36-hour travel.

"Delays, steering went out on the plane, tarmac was frozen to the ground, they lost every bit of our luggage, but we're home so life is good," Burns said.

At least three commercial airliners got stuck on snowy taxiways the past 24 hours, including one at KCI.

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