Two Lenexa girls honored for helping save their dad's life

LENEXA, Kan. - Two little girls were honored Thursday morning at Rosehill Elementary School in Lenexa, Kan., for helping save their dad's life.

Parker Schultz, 7, and her 4-year-old sister Paxton were recognized in front of their entire school for calling 911 when their father Matt Barr's blood pressure dropped to a dangerously low level.

Matt is a type-1 diabetic, and on Aug. 5, he collapsed at home. He couldn't move or talk, and only his little girls were home.

"I was watching TV and went upstairs to check on him," Parker said. "I heard him making noise."

Matt and his wife have been teaching their kids how and when to call 911 since they were three, and Parker new exactly what to do.

"They taught me that daddy will make some weird noise, and you will have to call 911," Parker said. "They showed me where the sheet is, and it had the number on it."

Parker was able to give the 911 dispatcher her address and check on her dad and little sister until help arrived.

"I don't think there are words to express how glad I am," Matt said. "I'm alive today because of them.

Parker was given a 911 hero award from the Mid-America Regional Council, and Paxton was given an award for bravery from the Johnson County Emergency Communications Center.

The school used Thursday's ceremony to teach other kids the importance of calling 911.

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