US Airways to move to Terminal C at KCI

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - In the upcoming days, US Airways will be making a move out at Kansas City International Airport.

Starting Wed., Jan. 8, US Airways flights will be moving from Terminal A to Terminal C.

During the move, the airline will operate out of both terminals. By Thurs., Jan 9, all flights should be operating out of Terminal C.

Below is a list of flights that will be impacted.

January 8 Flight Schedule


Flight #            Time                A/D                  To/From          Terminal

3235                5:50am            Departure        DCA                A

641                  5:55am            Departure        PHX                 A

1983                7:05am            Departure        CLT                 A

3273                9:43am            Arrival              CLT                 A

3292                10:25am          Departure        CLT                 A

3450                10:34am          Departure        PHL                 A

3949                10:41am          Arrival              DCA                A

3839                11:10am          Departure        DCA                A

2005                1:08pm            Arrival              CLT                 A

590                  1:34pm            Arrival              PHX                 A

1891                1:55pm            Departure        CLT                 A

2073                2:58pm            Arrival              CLT                 A

599                  3:00pm            Departure        PXH                 A

2092                3:38pm            Departure        CLT                 A

3399                3:40pm            Arrival              PHL                 A

3377                3:52pm            Arrival              DCA                A

3446                4:10pm            Departure        PHL                 A

3352                4:30pm            Departure        DCA                A

430                  5:06pm            Arrival              PHX                 C

1765                5:48pm            Arrival              CLT                 A

1948                6:20pm            Departure        CLT                 A

3399                7:50pm            Arrival              PHL                 C

3243                9:30pm            Arrival              DCA                C

1964                9:39pm            Arrival              CLT                 C


Travelers can also check flight information here.

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