Volunteers dig into urban farming

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - Dozens of volunteers got their hands dirty Saturday learning about urban agriculture.

Sixteen urban farms and community gardens across the area hosted workers as part of an Earth Day "Crop Mob" sponsored by Cultivate Kansas City.

"The goal of this event is to create an opportunity for community members to learn what growing good food in the city is all about," Ami Freeberg of Cultivate Kansas City said.  "Plus, it gives hard-working farmers and gardeners extra hands to tackle some big projects that often cannot get accomplished without community support."

This event follows a successful Food Day Crop Mob last October, during which 10 urban farms and gardens hosted a total of 100 volunteers.

Cultivate Kansas City, formerly known as the Kansas City Center for Urban Agriculture, works to increase the production and consumption of urban-grown food by providing resources to current and new farmers and by educating the public on the health, environmental and economic impacts of growing good food in the city. 

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