Volunteers from Hope Builders and Coalition for Independence build ramp for wheelchair bound woman

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - Bertha Bowie never complains about life after a stroke, but now she has something to celebrate.

The sounds of saws and screwdrivers filled her yard as volunteers from Hope Builders and Coalition for Independence spent Saturday building a wheelchair ramp on  her front door.

Without it, she would have to slowly push and pull her wheelchair out of her front door, down some sinking steps and to the sidewalk where county transportation would pick her up. 

"If you see her get out of her house, it takes her ten minutes," Rich LaBelle, on of the volunteers, said..

As a Hope Builders volunteer, LaBelle gets great joy from helping people like Bowie.

The Coalition For Independence referred Bowie to the building group. They work with the disabled and elderly to get a wide range of services that keep them independent.

Tuesday, the group is taking a truck loaded with power chairs and other medical equipment to tornado victims in Oklahoma.

Building Bowie's ramp keeps her out of a nursing home.

"Oh it is just wonderful that I am able to be in my home," said Bowie. "I've always been an independent person."

For more information on the Coalition of Independence, visit their website at http://www.cfi-kc.org.

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