500 pound tiger rips off woman's arm at Oklahoma zoological park

OKLAHOMA - An employee at an Oklahoma zoological park had her arm ripped off by a 500 pound tiger.

The park owner said his employee violated strict safety protocol and stuck her hand inside the cage of a 14-year-old tiger.

"You just can never be ready for someone to lose an arm," park owner Joe Schreibvogel said. "It's an unfortunate accident. My heart goes out to her that one of my tigers did this, but she assured me even in the helicopter that she was going to come back to work."

The park owner also said the woman was awake for the entire thing.

He said she kept apologizing to him, insisting the accident was her fault. Staff members said the tiger has never shown any aggression or hurt anyone else in the past.

The woman is in stable condition. The owner says that they will probably move the tiger to a more secluded part of the park.

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