Map by Steve Lovelace indicates most prominent corporation in each state

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Steve Lovelace, a writer, artist and photographer, created this map, which he calls the "Corporate States of America" to show each state's most prominent corporation

Lovelace's inspiration for the map came after writing a post on his blog about "corporate feudalism."

Lovelace believes that in an increasingly globalized economy, corporations will begin to act as feudal lords did in the middle ages, fighting to maintain a hold on the world's resources.

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Lovelace thinks corporations will become the most powerful institutions on the planet and hypothesizes that "as corporations and non-governmental organizations grow in power, the power of nation states will become increasingly irrelevant."

Lovelace selected an Anheuser-Busch logo for Missouri and Garmin, the GPS maker, for Kansas.

However, Lovelace admits his map is subjective and knows that many Americans may identify other companies as their states' most prominent.

Lovelace put a Pillsbury logo on Minnesota, for instance, even though the state is also home to Target, 3M and Best Buy.

Some of the companies places are not entirely American corporations, which is true especially for Missouri's nominee. Brazilian Ambev and Belgian Interbrew merged in 2004 to create InBev. In 2008, InBev purchased Anheuser Busch to create Anheuser Busch InBev, which is now the world's largest brewer.

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