German man has two-headed pet snake

VILLINGEN-SCHWENNINGEN, Germany - A pet store that sells snakes in southern Germany has a resident that's drawing a big crowd and in this case, is the old adage still true about two heads being better than one?

Stephan Broghammer owns the pet shop, and one of his pets is a two-headed snake.

The Royal Python hatched about a year ago and is only of two in the world.

The other is a Carpet Python located in the U.S.

Broghammer said his python not only has two heads, but also two separate brains which can lead to some confusion at times.

The snake wants to go two directions at once.

He's received a number of offers to buy the snake, but said he's become quite fond of the snake and is not excited about selling it.

He uploaded some video of the snake onto YouTube hoping that someone would come up with a name for his snake but so far he's still looking.

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