KC ranked in top 10 redneck cities

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A real estate blog has ranked Kansas City among the 10 Most Redneck Cities in America.

Movoto.com said they used high school completion rates, number of Walmarts per capita and number of gun and ammo stores per capital among other categories to determine the list.

See Movoto.com's redneck cities | http://bit.ly/12hgZyL

Kansas City ranked second, behind Atlanta, Ga. Kansas City did not top any of the individual categories for the list, though.

Here's Movoto.com's final list:

1. Atlanta, Ga.
2. Kansas City, Mo.
3. Oklahoma City, Okla.
4. Nashville, Tenn.
5. Tulsa, Okla.
6. Fort Worth, Texas
7. Arlington, Texas
8. Sacramento, Calif.
9. Cleveland, Ohio
10. Mesa, Ariz.

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