Police return Ohio woman's purse stolen in 1999; contents like pre-millenium time capsule

Purse contents like a pre-millenium time capsule

NORTH ROYALTON, Ohio (WEWS) - In 1999, Robin Dever was working at the YMCA in Oregon, Ohio, when someone broke into her car and stole her purse.

She never expected to see it again.

But Saturday the North Royalton woman received a letter from the Northwood Police Department, just outside of Toledo. They had some unexpected news.

They had recovered her purse.

According to the incident report, officers were called to a Northwood residence on Wednesday, April 2 after a woman was cleaning up garbage from the ditch across the street from her home on Curtice Road. 

While cleaning the ditch the woman discovered a small purse with a woman’s I.D., credit cards and a cell phone that “looked old.” The Ohio license inside was issued in 1998.

Officers said it appears as though the purse must have surfaced after the ditch was dredged. They think it was probably tossed from a car and buried there, like a time capsule, for 15 years.

Police immediately tracked Dever down, sending her the letter only after they were unable to get a current phone number for her.

Dever spoke with police Monday, laughing with an officer when he opened the purse. He was surprised by how old the brick-style cell phone was.

That’s when he knew the purse had been missing for a long time.

Dever gave the Northwood Police Department a shout-out on Facebook for taking the time to track her down after all these years:

“Kudos to the Northwood PD for tracking me down! I can't believe it has been in the ditch for 15 years!”

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