Tractor-trailer load of wayward bees swarm Pennsylvania truck stop

JONESTOWN, Pa. (WGAL) - A massive swarm of bees is causing quite the buzz at a truck stop Jonestown, Pennsylvania.

Employees at the Love's Travel Stop say the buzz started Wednesday morning when the driver of a tractor trailer carrying the bees accidentally shifted his load coming off the highway. He then stopped at the Love's to fix it, without knowing that all the bees were escaping.

The result -- up to a half million bees covering a tree in the parking lot.

The store called a beekeeper to take care of the problem, which was not an easy task.

The beekeeper says he's never dealt with a situation like this one and usually it's very small swarms, like the size of a football or basketball.

He estimates that this was 10 to 20 colonies.

"It's hot, which means they're aggressive. If you get anywhere close, they'll come after you and sting you," said Bill Fisher, the beekeeper.

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