What do Kansas City-area residents think of the tougher curfew in Kansas City?

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Mayor Sly James has a passionate plea Thursday as he helped enact a tougher curfew for teens following a recent shooting on the plaza.

"I believe we have to do something. My message is very clear. I care about you. I care enough about you… want you safe and I care enough about your family to never have to think about the prospect of you being dead on the street on the Plaza, 31st street, downtown, any place," said James.

People who witnessed the unruly crowds before on the Plaza think the new curfew will help calm the crowds.

"It's good that they have a curfew to keep them out of trouble and keep them focused on what they need to be focused on instead of out on the streets past curfew " said Lovetta London who is 18.

The new curfew won't keep her away from the area.

The new curfew is for teens under 17 years old and will only be enforced during the summer months at the city's five entertainment districts.

Antwanette Grant who is 18 years old said she's been in shock over the violence on the Plaza.

"I just think its crazy how kids don't know how to act," said Grant.

Her younger sister will be affected by the new rule.

"She hasn't been there during the violence part but she had wanted to come but my mom doesn't allow it," said Grant.

Grant said she hopes more parents will keep their kids at home. She believes that since the city increased the fee from $1 to $500 dollars for breaking curfew will also help.

" I think it will be something that more people respect it's not something that people will say here is a dollar it will hold everyone accountable because I know my parents wouldn't appreciate paying for a mistake I did," said Kate Hamlin who agreed.

Dionte Ford said, "I am 19 so it won't really affect me but I think it will definitely bring a change and get things back to the natural order."

And Grant hopes for the best but still thinks this won't solve the problem.

"They will just find a new place to go but probably away from here where people would like to shop and go out and east and stuff," said Grant.

But the mayor said the new curfew is just one step in moving towards a city where everyone feels safe.

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