Woman escapes from burning Westport Presbyterian Church

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Pamela Seymour was working on the second story of the Westport Presbyterian Church when it caught fire Thursday afternoon.

"It was about 5:30, and I smelled smoke," Seymour said.  "So I went out to the hall, and found that the whole hallway was engulfed in smoke."

Seymour alerted her only other colleague and they ran to the nearest exit.

"We ran down the stairs and out the door, and as I turned around, there were flames shooting out the roof," Seymour said.

As she watched the 107-year-old church go up in flames, she said she realized how lucky she was to get out alive.

"Once I got outside and turned around and looked and saw the fire, it seemed to me like it was probably right over our office."

Fire crews have not said what caused the fire.  They remained on the scene well into the night, and said they would continue to assess the damage and search for a cause on Friday.

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