Woman stuck on Atlanta highway saved by strangers via social media

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. - The mother of an Overland Park woman was stranded in one of the dozens of pile-ups across the Southeast. But thanks to social media and the kindness of strangers, she found relief.

D'Ann Woodward's mother, Ann Samek, spent 12 hours stuck on the highway outside of Atlanta. Samek was on her way to visit another daughter in Florida but didn't make it that far.

"At 10:22 in the morning, we get a call and she is in the midst of the basically what is the state of emergency shutdown for Atlanta, Ga.," Woodward said.

Her car got her to a McDonald's, but then died.

From Kansas City, D'Ann tried to help her 74-year-old mother.

"So ok, her car's dead, she's in Atlanta where she knows no one and she's 74. So my sister put an all posts bulletin on Facebook," Woodward said.

After that, Woodward said one thing led to another.

"Someone responded and said, ‘Hey, we live five to six minutes away, we'll come and get her,'" she said.

It took the couple of strangers an hour to get to D'Ann's mom but they eventually did.

"Strangers, people that from one Facebook posting, it was almost like a huge network that just went into place and we got her off the highway," Woodward said.

Samek will likely have to spend a few more days with the family in Atlanta. D'Ann, her eight siblings and her mother, who spoke with us over the phone, couldn't be more grateful.

"I just did not realize that people could go so much above and beyond," Samek said. "Especially under the circumstances of going out on the roads that are very impassable."

D'Ann said she hopes to meet this family to thank them in person and plans to pass the kindness on.

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