8-year-old nearly loses toe at Schlitterbahn

Kansas City , Kan. - A Kansas City, Kan., mother is wondering if it is safe to take her child back to the local water park, Schlitterbahn.

Wendy Briley said she and her 8-year-old daughter visited the Kansas City, Kansas park on Friday.

But the trip ended abruptly. She said left,  headed for five and a half hours in the emergency room.

Briley said the trouble began when she and her daughter, Lauren Aycock, rode up the Mighty Mo. conveyor belt ride on her inner tube.

"Her feet were facing this way and we came down and the current flipped her around and her foot got stuck inside the conveyor belt and ripped her toe down under her body," Briley explained.

"When I got out of the water, I felt so much pain, I was crying and screaming," Lauren said.

Lauren's mom said lifeguards couldn't help, only whistle for First Aid.

"That's all they could do. I had to carry her with blood going everywhere," Briley said.

She drove her daughter to Providence Medical Center where emergency room doctors put the toes back together.

After 12 stitches, six hours in the hospital and thousands of dollars in medical bills, her mom wants something done.

Schlitterbahn released this statement in response:

"We are in touch with the family to provide what assistance we can…As a matter of course the conveyor is inspected every day prior to opening. We are investigating this incident to identify how this happened."

But Lauren's mom thinks that's not enough.

"I have not spoken with them yet but I posted on Facebook yesterday because I wanted parents to know this is happening because someone else is going to have something more dangerous than just a toe ripped off," Briley said.

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