Workers battle the cold outdoors during artic weather

KANSAS CITY - Despite the frigid temperatures, some outdoor workers still had to brave the cold to ensure others had essential utilities.

There were only so many layers of clothes KCMO water department crews could put on as they worked to fix a broken sewer pipe.

They had to shovel snow and dirt to reach the broken pipe more than 4 feet below ground. It took crews more than two hours to fix the pipe.

For many workers, it was the coldest day they've endured out on the job. They kept warm by taking breaks inside their cars and drinking plenty of warm beverages, but the work had to go on.

"We make sure we're warmed up, make sure we're motivated," David Jackson said, one of the project's supervisors, "because our ultimate goal is to serve the public and with that we know, there's a lot of things that are out of our control."

One of the biggest concerns for crews is frostbite, which can set in after just 30 minutes in subzero temperatures.

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