World record set at KC Marathon as professor knits while running

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - One runner competing in Saturday's Kansas City Marathon has a unique story to tell and a possible Guinness World Record to back it up.

David Babcock, a graphic-design professor at the University of Central Missouri, said he broke the Guinness World Record Saturday for knitting the longest scarf while running a marathon.
The old record? 6 feet, 9 inches.

Babcock shattered it. His scarf? 12 feet and 1 3/4 inches.
He said no one needled him as he ran.  

He said he only got support as he used six different colors and seven balls of yarn. That was more yarn than he originally planned to use, so someone on the sidelines had to fetch him more.

He said he mixes his two hobbies to combat boredom.

It will take about 12 weeks for judges at the Guinness Book of World Records to certify the record.

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