Boston bombing suspects' aunt says nephews are being set up

(NBC) - A woman claiming to be the Boston bombing suspects' aunt said her nephews are being set up.

Maret Tsarnaeva told reporters that she hasn't seen enough evidence to prove her nephews were the bombers.

"Give us evidence. If nobody else is asking them, give me evidence. I am lawyer from back home. Give me evidence," she said.

She said the boys' father and mother were admitted to the U.S. and given refugee status and later brought over their family, the two brothers and two sisters.

They are ethnic Chechens, fled to Kyrgyzstan and came to the U.S. from Kazakhstan.

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She said Tamerlan was not a devout Muslim, but recently began praying five times a day.

In an emotional interview, she said she called the FBI after recognizing her nephews on TV. She maintains they didn't do this.

She said she's Chechen, she's used to being set up.

"Give me evidence, then ask me what do you think," she said.