School bus driver outruns Henryville tornado

HENRYVILLE, Indiana - A school bus driver in Henryville, Indiana had to outrun this month's devastating EF-4 tornado with nearly a dozen children on board.

She got them to safety just minutes before the bus was tossed around by the twister.

The 36,000 pound school bus was no match for the tornado. Winds picked it up and crashed it into a diner. The bus microphones even picked up the sound of glass breaking inside the restaurant.

Just 13 minutes earlier, 11 were children heading home, dismissed early because of the threat of severe weather. The driver reassures them.

"Are you guys okay?" asked Angel Perry, the bus driver.

"Yeah," the children respond.

The bus driver is scrambling to find a place to take cover, nearly three miles from school.

"And I stopped the bus for a second, put my hand down and I said, 'Dear lord, what do I do?'" said Perry.

That's when she decided to turn around and head back to the school, ushering the children inside.

Just three minutes later, Perry's cell phone still in the driver's seat, the bus is blown away.