Detroit pileup: Dozens of vehicles, at least four dead

DETROIT (AP) - At least four people have been killed in a major Detroit freeway crash that involved at least two dozen vehicles including tractor-trailers.

A Michigan State Police captain tells WXYZ-TV in Detroit that one at least four people, including three children, died in the Thursday morning crash on a mile-long stretch of Interstate 75 on the southwest side of the city. Another 15 to 20 people were transported to area hospitals, WXYZ reported.

"From the looks of things, it's going to be a very sad day for lots of families," a woman who was involved in the crash but not hurt told WXYZ. "I've never seen anything this drastic."

Several fire engines and ambulances have responded to the scene.

Michigan Department of Transportation spokesman Rob Morosi says one tractor-trailer lost its load. The freeway has been closed and was expected to remain that way for hours.

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