DKE Tempe fraternity fight video: Surveillance video, 911 calls released in fight at frat party

TEMPE, Ariz. - New video and 911 calls are painting a clearer picture of a massive fight that broke out during a fraternity party at a Tempe apartment complex over the weekend.

Five people were arrested after the incident and five students were injured, leaving many wondering if the Arizona State University frats, no longer located on the campus, are out of control in Tempe.

According to police, the fight broke out Saturday night at an apartment complex near McClintock and University drives occupied by DKE members.

Police said it started after a person went to the party and was beaten up by members of the frat. He then left and returned with his friends, who were armed with baseball bats, hitting the frat brothers as someone fired off several shots.

Surveillance video released Monday showed a large group of people in the complex's common area, chasing each other as a crowd gathered.

911 calls from that night also paint a vivid picture of the chaotic and violent scene.

Multiple callers reported to 911 operators that several people went on a "rampage" at the complex, attacking victims with bats. During two of the calls, you can hear shots being fired as the callers ran for cover.

Watch the raw surveillance video and listen to the calls in the video attached above. (WARNING: Video contains graphic language )

While there are roughly two dozen fraternities and sororities at ASU, few have really caught the attention of police, but this is not the first time for DKE.

A previous fight involving multiple DKE members also broke out at the complex in November.

"I've had it with this area," said a nearby resident who asked only to be identified as Kitsie.

Kitsie told ABC15 she didn't want to provide her name or show her face for the interview because she was concerned for her safety fearing backlash from neighbors.

"I heard it, it was pop, pop, pop, pop, like that and this isn't why I moved here," said Kitsie who has lived in the area near the apartments for 11 years.  "It seems there are police around here all the time, it's not just the fraternity it's everyone around here, but this fight or whatever it was is enough for me, it's been a long time coming for me to move."

Another neighbor Steven said: "I can't believe they are allowed to stay open. I have stopped calling the police because it doesn't do anything."

Tempe Mayor Mark Mitchell told KSHB sister station ABC15 he plans to introduce new city ordinances involving the fraternities due to the increase in calls.

In the past few months Tempe detectives have investigated several high profile incidents tied to ASU fraternities including the death of Jack Culolias who was found dead in Tempe Town Lake following a fraternity gathering along with two women who were burned when someone tossed a bottle of alcohol into an open fire during a gathering of fraternity members at a Tempe house.

ASU released a statement to ABC15 Monday regarding the incident:

"The university's thoughts are with the ASU students who were injured in the fight over the weekend, and our wish is for their full recovery. The safety of our students is the university's top priority, and we have a zero-tolerance policy for behavior that puts our students at risk.

None of the individuals who were arrested as a result of this incident, which took place at an unsanctioned party at an off-campus location, were ASU students. We will review the results of the Tempe Police investigation into this incident, as well as conduct our own investigation, and will take whatever measures are necessary to minimize the risk of such an incident occurring in the future."

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