Dress shop disappears, bridesmaids left waiting

LAKEWOOD, Colo. , (7NEWS) - A Denver woman says her bridesmaids put deposits on dresses at a Lakewood bridal store in February, but they still don't have the dresses.

The store has a history of complaints and an "F" rating with the Better Business Bureau.

When Eva Perez took her best friends to Bridal World, 9187 W. Jewell Ave. in Lakewood, last February, they found the perfect bridesmaid dresses and put deposits on them.

"Some of us paid in full and all of the dresses were supposed to arrive in May," said Perez. "We are still waiting for the dresses."

7NEWS Reporter Jaclyn Allen went to Bridal World and found the shutters drawn and a "For Lease" sign on the front of the building.

The owner, Nancy Pallozzi, refused to talk on camera, but in an email she stated the dresses would be shipped when they are paid for.

"Bottom line, I get paid, she gets her dresses. It is that simple," Pallozzi wrote.

Perez and her bridesmaids said that wasn't the agreement -- they were supposed to get a final fitting and free alterations before making final payments. And they have receipts and a voicemail to prove it.

In the September voicemail, a woman who identifies herself as "Nancy from Bridal World" says that the dresses have been shipped out and, "We can set up an appointment to try on the dresses. At that time, the payment is due in full for the remaining amount of the dresses."

Bridesmaid Yalunda Washington said she is not willing to give any more money before she sees her dress.

"What do you mean ship the dresses?" said Washington. "The dresses should have been here. It was very clear what the agreement was. We were supposed to pick them up at the store after the final fitting."

Another bridesmaid, Antoinette Perez, Eva's sister, showed the receipt she still has stating that the payment in full is due at pick up.

"We never thought this would happen," said Antoinette Perez. "I paid $100.50. Others paid the full $193, and they don't have their dress, either.

Eva Perez is not the first bride to be burned, according to the Better Business Bureau, which gives Bridal World an "F" rating.

"They have that rating because they have unanswered complaints and unresolved complaints" said Megan Herrera, BBB spokeswoman. "We are getting complaints about failure to respond to phone calls and not getting dresses in time for the wedding."

The Colorado Attorney General's office has also received a complaint against Bridal World, according to the BBB, and the company has numerous negative reviews on Yelp and City Search.

But Pallozzi said over the phone that she changed the agreement with Perez because some of the bridesmaids had decided not to buy the dresses they had put deposits on.

"I am a small business and I need my money," said Pallozzi over the phone. "She owes me $660.50."

Now, Perez said her bridesmaids are scrambling to find new dresses, but some of them can't afford to buy another.

"I just hope this doesn't happen to other brides and they do their research," said Perez.

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