Plane with man who made poison threat lands in NJ

NEWARK, N.J. (AP) - A flight from Hong Kong on which a man claimed everyone was poisoned has arrived safely in New Jersey and the man taken off the plane.

A passenger says the man who disrupted the flight was ranting about national security and the CIA.

Jacques Roizen of New York says the man aboard United Airlines Flight 116 on Monday was clearly unstable and "very paranoid." Roizen says he and other passengers and a flight attendant jumped on the man and subdued him when he started reaching for his pockets about six hours from the flight's destination in Newark, N.J.

The FBI had said earlier that the man claimed everyone aboard was being poisoned but the agency now says it's working to clarify what the man said. Passenger Peter Jones of Washington says he heard the man claim he himself was going to be poisoned.

The FBI says the unruly passenger has been hospitalized.

A passenger from another plane at the terminal says a heavy police contingent greeted the flight's arrival at Newark Liberty Airport.

University of San Francisco student Merrill Amos tells The Associated Press than more than a couple dozen police and emergency vehicles were on the tarmac. She says she saw a staircase pulled up to the plane and an ambulance nearby.

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