Harvard student offers bird's-eye view of 'surreal' scene in Boston

BOSTON - More than 380,000 people were on lockdown in and around the Boston area Friday morning as authorities searched for one suspect that they believe is responsible for the terrorist attack at the Boston Marathon.

Several major universities in and around Boston canceled classes Friday, including the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University.

Kalin Meyer, a first year MBA student at Harvard University, said he lives two blocks from where police say the two men suspected in the Boston terrorist attack hijacked a car.

 "The only thing that I've been hearing is the sirens that have been going off all night," he said.

Meyer said early Friday morning, Harvard sent a series of text alerts and emails to students through the University's emergency alert system.

 "They asked us to stay indoors, keep our doors locked."

Meyer said many of his classmates are in shock.

"It's almost a surreal feeling because you hear about these things and you see them but they're almost never in your back yard. People are just confused. They're worried."

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