Louisiana Governor says next civil rights fight is in education

WASHINGTON D.C. - This week, millions of people will mark the 50th anniversary of the "I Have a Dream" speech.

The events are causing many to look at the state of civil rights in the country.

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, the first Indian-American governor says the next civil rights fight is in education.

On meet the press Sunday morning, he said while everyone says they are for equal opportunity and education, that's not the reality in the United States.

"If your parents have the means, they'd probably move to a good neighborhood with good public schools. Or they're saving their dollars to send you to a good private school," Jindal said. "There are too many kids in this country today trapped in poor neighborhoods with poor, failing public schools."

Meanwhile, President Obama will speak at a rally Wednesday to mark the exact anniversary of Martin Luther King's speech.

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