Man carjacked by Boston bombing suspects recalls frightening night

The man carjacked by the two suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing has given his first television interview.

He's a 26-year-old Chinese immigrant who wants to keep his identity concealed.

He says he was pulled over to the side of the road when Tamerlan Tsarnaev jumped into his Mercedes and pointed a gun at him.

"He asked me questions like, ‘Do you know the Boston explosion on Monday?'" the victim said. "'You know, I did that, and I just killed a policeman in Cambridge,'" he remembers Tamerlan saying.

He says the brothers loaded their bombs in his car, and forced him to drive.

They spoke to each other in Russian. The only word he understood was "mMnhattan," where he believed they wanted to go.

But first they had to stop for gas.

With the younger brother, Dzhokhar, inside paying and Tamerlan distracted, he managed to escape.
"I can feel Tameralan trying to grab me," the victim recalled.

"I was running, I was just running as fast and I can and never looked back."

He ran to another gas station and asked the clerk to call 911. The GPS on the cell phone he left behind was used to track down the suspects.

He says he feels lucky to have just gotten out alive, and says the police are the real heroes.

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