New Amanda Berry video: Cell phone cam shows moments after Cleveland police arrive

CLEVELAND - An incredible screen shot from a cellphone video shows Amanda Berry's moment of freedom as she holds onto her daughter on Seymour Avenue Monday.

The image came from cellphone video quickly captured by two young women, who ended up stopping right in front of the dramatic Monday rescue of Amanda Berry, her daughter, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight.

"We just seen cops and then out of nowhere all we see Amanda walking by saying I'm Amanda Berry," and with that Jasmina Baldrich says the goose bumps took over her body. Baldrich was in a car with her friend Ashley Colón when they were driving on West 25th Street Monday.

In an interview at the NewsChannel5 studio, Colón said she heard sirens and turned onto Seymour Avenue thinking they were about to get pulled over. But once they stopped the vehicle, they parked themselves into a front row seat into one of Cleveland's most dramatic rescues, Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight all found alive.

After hearing her name, "Did it register to you?" NewsChannel5's Stephanie Ramirez asked Colón and Baldrich. Colón answered, "We knew like that [snapping fingers]. We both got goose bumps at the same time. We were shocked, we could not believe it but it clicked like this [snapping fingers second time]."

Colón told NewsChannel5 she lives close to where the girls were taken from and never thought she would hear this news, let alone witness it. Calling the rescue a blessing, Baldrich said, "People would die just to see these girls get saved and we just happened to be there."

They were both just as shocked as they were last Monday afternoon, describing the chaotic scene.

"I didn't get to see Michelle because -- she came out so fast… but I was so focused on Gina because she was so, she was shaking, she was like, it was sad... and they were all together that's the crazy thing, you know -- and we didn't even know what was going on, we just pulled over because we thought we were going to get stopped," said Colón.

One thing the two say they'll never forget, Amanda Berry's response as more police arrived on scene.

Both women saying together, "She was crying. She was crying like she was amazed… it was like, the tears were like, ‘I'm free.'"

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