Parents spooked by overly sexy Halloween costumes

(KING) - It's a trend that's making some moms and dads flat out hate Halloween.

Are the outfits really going too far?

Twelve months year, for the last 14 years, the staff at A Masquerade Costume has been playing dress up.

The weeks leading up to Halloween are by far their busiest.

Owner Kyra Stewart has seen it all. "This is a popular one - the ravishing RN who wears a tutu!" Stewart said.

Reluctantly, she's allowed risqué costumes into her store's adult section, because as much as she hates to admit it, there's a huge demand for it.

"So Cinderella gets so microscopic it's like crazy! There's a corset, and below the corset is this itty bitty little skirt," Stewart said.

Itty bitty, lacy, racy outfits -- outfits that you won't find in the children's section – at least not in Stewart's store.

"I think the main trend is about growing up too early," Stewart said.
Stewart's standards are what keep 8-year-old Emerson Spencer and her parents coming back every October.

"Well, it's when they see the makeup and try to look older than they are, that's where I think it's kinda crossing the line for me," Spencer's mom said.

Because for them "Little Miss Tuffet" on a little girl is downright spooky.

And for Stewart:  "sultry Snow White? Disturbing beyond belief!"

It just might be the scariest part about Halloween.

"You have to draw the line somewhere!" Stewart said.

Experts say choosing a costume should be an open dialog, between parent and child.

But if you feel something's too skimpy for your kid, stick to your guns, and say no.