Poll finds more support for scanners than for pat-downs

NEW YORK - Americans generally seem OK with X-ray scanners -- but there's less support for the pat-downs.

About two-thirds of Americans surveyed by The Washington Post and ABC News said they support using the full-body scanners at airports to increase security. But half said the more rigorous pat-downs go too far.

There's been talk on the Internet about a passenger revolt, with passengers rejecting the X-ray scan and opting instead for the pat-down, which takes longer. But so far, there's little, if any, indication of any widespread action.

Many travelers say the scans and pat-downs aren't much of an inconvenience, and that it makes them feel safer.

One traveler who was given a pat-down this morning at New York's LaGuardia Airport says the underwire of her bra probably tripped the metal detector. Jeannine St. Amand of Canada says she'll wear a different bra next time.

She says the pat-down was professional, and done by a female agent.

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