Tenant shocked to see funeral on property they were renting

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C,. - A tenant got quite the surprise when he returned home to find a funeral taking place in his front yard.

It all started with a report to the North Charleston Police Department and a tenant who did not want to be identified.

Police were called over the burial of bodies on property the tenant was renting.

"The hearse pulled up and pulled the body out in a sheet. Just a plain old white sheet. There's a good 40 to 60 people out here. There were 35-40 cars. I couldn't get in my yard. I had to park out there and walk in the street," the tenant said. "I don't know what's going on. I don't even want to walk back there because of the grass; you can tell it is so soft. You will fall through. They're all just wrapped in sheets."

The front yard funeral, so to speak, even played out in front of the children. 

"All my kids saw it, I had to leave them in the house and close the blinds," the tenant said.

The tenant said after the buried bodies were reported to police and county officials, things got a little more heated between he and the landlord.

The case finally went to the Charleston County Public Works building for an eviction hearing where the tenants were successful.

On Thursday, Judge David Coker said he was shocked the bodies were buried so close to a home and sided with the renters saying nothing in the lease stated anything about an active graveyard.

A local news station talked to the landlord who owns the property on Lupine Court on two different occasions and asked him to speak on camera. He would not but he said all of the documents for the burials are in order.

They also talked to the coroner, Rae Wooten who is investigating the situation. She said there are 11 bodies in the yard, and while it seems a bizarre place for graveyard, she says at this time nothing illegal is happening.

Wooten added there is still more to investigate.

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