Tennessee boy is cancer free thanks to kid sister's bone marrow donation

A Tennessee family is getting ready to celebrate their son’s seventh birthday, but it was a gift from his little sister that is making the celebration extra special.

Hunter Jones was diagnosed with leukemia last year and received a bone marrow transplant from his sister Ronin. On Friday, March 4th, Hunter’s family got a call from doctors telling them he was cancer free.

"The morning that I knew that we were going to get the results I had to get out of the house. I was just, uh, driving around town, going places. We were just going to the thrift stores, anything to distract myself. And then once I got home, and heard the news, I kind of, sort of collapsed. And of course you feel elated. For me though, it was just such an emotional experience. I didn't even experience the joy immediately. I just felt exhaustion,” said Hunter’s mother Mandy Jones.

Thursday, his mother posted on Facebook that Hunter had his last nighttime dose of steroids, and will be cutting down his morning doses. Now he is all about two things: subway sandwiches and hot tubs.

"He's taken the good news no differently than he took the bad news. It almost feels like God's just put a protective barrier around him, and he's just going about his life. All he cares about is getting in the hot tub and eating lunch,” said Jones.

Hunter will be honored Friday at a local charity fundraiser benefiting child cancer patients.

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