TSA announces ‘pre-checking' to avoid security line available to all passengers

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - If you're a frequent flier and tired of standing in long security lines at the airport, here's your opportunity to avoid that.

The Transportation Security Administration has just announced that it plans to expand its rapid screening program to 100 airports nationwide.

"Pre-check," allows passengers to swiftly move through security without removing shoes, light jackets and belts.

It also allows passengers the luxury of leaving laptops and liquids in carry-on luggage.

Up until now, the "pre-check" has only been available to frequent fliers invited by their airlines, but, later this year a fee based application will be available to all passengers for $85.

In order to join "pre-check," passengers will be required to verify their identity and provide fingerprints at an enrollment center.

The TSA says more than 15 million passengers have used "pre-check" since it started in 2011.

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