Waitress receives $500 tip in Lansing, part of mission to fulfill man's dying wish

(SCRIPPS) - It all started as an act of kindness and then grew. 

Seth Collins and his parents drove in from Lexington, Kentucky and randomly chose Zeus' Coney Island in Lansing to spread some joy. 

The family was on a mission to fulfill Seth's younger brother Aaron's dying wish.

"My brother passed away last July and the last wish in his will was that we go out to dinner and leave somebody a $500 tip," Collins told RTV6 in Indianapolis

The video Collins took of giving the first tip went viral. Money started pouring in from around the world from donors that wanted Collins to do it again and again.

What was supposed to be a one-time act of kindness turned into a mission: Aaron's Last Wish.

Collins has now given a big tip every week for almost a year. Collins said his brother took great joy in unexpected kindness.

"Aaron never thought what he was doing was a big deal. So he would have thought, one time, something nice to do for a person. It made that person happy and that's what he wanted. He never would have predicted any of this," Collins told RTV6 when the family left another large tip for a waitress in Indianapolis.

Collins has collected $60,000, with donations from every continent. He plans to travel to all 50 states and give out a $500 tip each week until the money is gone.

"It never gets old. I knew about the third one that it was never going to get old," Collins said.

"I just don't know what to do with it, thank you" said the waitress at Zeus' Coney Island when Seth handed her the money. She was visibly shocked. 

Seth plans to take a 4-month trip to travel the rest of the country and continue to honor his brother's last wish.

To learn more about Aaron's Wish, go here:  http://aaroncollins.org/


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