Women will decide the fate of George Zimmerman, the man charged in shooting death of Trayvon Martin

SANFORD, Florida (AP) - An all-women jury has been chosen in the second-degree murder trial of a man who says he shot an unarmed black teen in self-defense.

Prosecutors and defense attorneys chose the panel Thursday.

Prosecutors have said George Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch volunteer for his community, profiled Trayvon Martin as the teen was walking back from a convenience store to the home of his father's fiance. Zimmerman identifies himself as Hispanic.

At least five of the women are white. The other is a minority but her race or ethnicity was not immediately available.

Martin's shooting death and the initial decision not to charge Zimmerman led to public outrage and demonstrations around the nation, with some accusing Sanford police of failing to thoroughly investigate the shooting.

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