Mothers turn children in for recent high-profile crimes

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Several recent high-profile crimes came to a resolution because the suspects' mothers turned them into police.

A Kansas City mother drove her son to the police station earlier this week after she recognized him from surveillance video of an attempted robbery at a Church's Chicken.

Blaec Lammers' plot for a theater massacre in Bolivar, Mo., ended in a similar fashion. The mother of Colorado teen Austin Sigg notified police when he allegedly confessed to a role in the death of Jessica Ridgeway.

Kansas City psychologist Dr. Stanley Bier said these are extreme examples of troubled individuals. However, he said most parents can learn from these cases to reach out for help.

"If the child is beyond their control and they're not really able to impose consequences or keep some kind of rule in the home, they need to have some help," Bier said.

He said if parents deal with problems early, police intervention should not be necessary.

One of Bier's clients, a mother named Cathy, told 41 Action News she has called police several times on her out-of-control teenage daughter.

"It's never easy. Because you're thinking, 'That's my child, I love them very much, I don't want to call the police,'" Cathy said.

She said the first call was the most difficult, but said some order has been restored in her home thanks to Bier's help.

Bier said some of the most common cases of extreme conflict between teens and their parents arise from drugs and alcohol.

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