Chaos reigns at Missouri caucuses

LIBERTY, Mo. - Saturday was caucus day for most of Missouri and some of the caucus meetings turned into a battle between Ron Paul supporters and everyone else.

The Clay County caucus in Liberty turned into a yelling match.

The chaos inside the caucus started even before the pledge of allegiance.

"This is a mass meeting... Sir would you have a seat please.... "

Ron Paul supporters tried to take control by electing their own chairman and ousting the Clay County GOP leader Ben Wierzbicki.

He sometimes lost control of the meeting and threatened to have people thrown out.

"That's enough out of you, that's enough. That's your last warning," said Wiersbicki to someone in the audience.

In the crowd of 600, Ron Paul supporters were loud, but numbered less than half.

There were not enough to win any votes, but they were eager to challenge rule after rule.

Abe Husien and other Paul supporters yelled repeatedly from their seats.

He said the establishment crowd is trying to shut them out.

"I feel like we're being treated unfairly. Whether we're in the majority or not, doesn't really matter, if we make a motion, it should be acknowledged," said Husien.

A woman behind him yelled to keep the meeting moving, rather than letting the Ron Paul "revolution" derail the caucus.

Suzanne Alexander is mad at the Paul supporters.

She said, "No, I do not like what they're doing. I think they're very disrespectful. And they give me a thought of how the hippies were in the 1960's."

Despite all the fuss, final results won't be known for awhile. The delegates elected Saturday move on to the next step in the process in April.

That's when presidential candidates might finally find out how many delegates they've won in Missouri.

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