Group calls for President Obama to resign

(NBC) - Opponents backed by the Tea Party plan an all-day protest across the street from the White House over a number of issues, including health care calling it "tyrannical control of a hostile government."

The group Reclaim America wants President Obama to resign over U.S. deaths in Benghazi, Libya, the IRS targeting conservatives, NSA surveillance, and the botched rollout of the Affordable Care Act. "We will not have a perfect website," said White House Press Secretary Jay Carney.

The White House now admits one in ten users may still have problems with after the end of the month, but insists everyone will be able to sign up - online or by phone - by December 15th. "The only way you make it affordable is everybody has to get in," said Democratic Strategist Steve McMahon.

"It's very, very easy. It took me about 70 to 60 minutes," said one user.

"I put my social security number in and that's as far as I can go," said Sean Porter, Washington D.C. Resident 

Today the House Science Committee looks at all those social security numbers and other personal information the government's collecting on

Lawmakers say hackers have already tried to break in, and some data has been compromised.

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