Local lawmakers react to low approval ratings

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Despite an end to the government shutdown, negative attitudes still surround elected officials.

In a CNN poll, 54 percent of people say democrats don't deserve another term in office. The number is much high for republicans, as 75 percent of those polled disapprove of their decisions.

On Monday, 41 Action News spoke with officials Missouri Congressman Emanuel Cleaver and Kansas Congressman Kevin Yoder about their low approval ratings.

Cleaver says he's embarrassed about the feud in Congress surrounding the shutdown. Both he and Yoder say they worry the country could see the same problems again in just a few weeks.

"We had a multi-week debate about these issues and the disappointing thing is we actually solved none of them in that process," Yoder said. "I think Americans are hungry for leadership."

Cleaver agrees saying, "We've got to come out of this self-destructive period in which we're living politically or going to do immeasurable damage not just to us but to future generations."

Last week's deal funded the government through January 15.

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