Missouri lawmakers head back to Jefferson City

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Missouri lawmakers are getting ready to head back to Jefferson City to address pressing issue for the state.

Lawmakers are facing an estimated $500 million budget shortfall, lingering challenges in the two largest school districts and Kansas City  jobs that are moving across the state line.

They return to the state capitol Jan. 9 for a session that runs through mid-May. Republicans expanded their majority in the State House, and  now a unified GOP caucus can override a gubernatorial veto without democratic support.
Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have outlined  their priorities for the session.

Republican leaders listed education among their priorities, while many Democrats want to iron out the details surrounding Medicaid expansion.

Both Democratic Rep. John Rizzo and Republican Sen. Ryan Silvey believe keeping Missouri jobs in Missouri is a necessity.

"Economic development will be the most important issue, particularly for our region," Silvey said. "When you look at the way Kansas has been aggressively pursuing companies to cross the state line, that will take up a lot of time in this session."

Representative John Rizzo agrees.

"We're always looking for new solutions for this border war, it seems has gone on for decades," Rizzo said. "We get jobs from Kansas, Kansas gets jobs from us, and the bottom line of it all is we both end up spending a lot of money in tax dollars."

Rizzo said they hope to work with Gov. Sam Brownback to come up with an agreement to stop both states from luring companies across the state line.

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