Ballot questions #3: Should KC subsidize nuclear weapon production?

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Should Kansas City continue to subsidize facilities that produce parts for nuclear weapons?

It is a question voters will see on Tuesday's ballot and an issue that continues to stir controversy.

A grassroots group of peace activists wants you to vote yes to stop Kansas City from subsidizing future facilities that manufacture or procure parts for nuclear weapons.

Rachel MacNair, with the Yes on Question 3 campaign, said she has received a lot of feedback from the public.

"The main reaction that people have is ‘What?! Don't they know the Cold War has been over for two decades? Why on earth would we be spending money on nuclear weapons upgrades?'" she said.

But their opponents, who want you to vote no, mailed out a flyer that ties North Korea's Supreme Leader Kim Jung Un to the issue.
They say a no vote will continue to allow city subsidies that help bring in new jobs and businesses that create products used to improve the security of the nation.  

They say a yes vote will kill jobs.

"We want everyone to understand that we want the growth in Kansas City. We want Kansas City to grow bigger every day," Joe Capra, a representative of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers Onion Local Lodge 778, said.

A new weapons-parts plant is slated to open in south Kansas City in August 2014. It does not produce anything nuclear.

The Vote No on 3 group points out that ballot question 3 comes on the heels of the nuclear controversy coming out of North Korea, where Kim Jung Un has put rockets on standby, threatened to "settle accounts" with the United States and posed near a chart that appeared to map missile strikes on American bases.

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