Obama Administration works to revive the ailing ACA website

(NBC) - With the deadline to fix the troubled website now two weeks away, the Obama Administration is lowering expectations.

President Obama is holding a conference call later today with "Organizing For America" - the group that sprung from his re-election campaign. In an email he says he wants to "cut through the noise" - as he put it - and talk directly about what's left on his to-do list.

Eighty percent is the Obama Administration's new goal -

Four out of five Americans able to buy health insurance online by the end of the month. "This is a fixable problem. So, once they fix it, people will see, I have an opportunity to cover my family," said Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, (D) New York. 

This week, the fight on Capitol Hill continues over the five million Americans whose plans are being canceled.

Extend them one year, as the President suggests. "It's a political band aid, but it's not a permanent cure," said Senator John Barrasso, (R) Wyoming. 

Or extend them permanently - 39 democrats defected Friday and agreed with Republicans on that. "This is political. They respond politically," said Rep. Nancy Pelosi, (D) California 

Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi Insists Her Party Is Still Determined. "Democrats will stand tall in support of the Affordable Care Act," said the House Minority Leader.

But critics insist fixing healthcare requires a new start. "It's time for a timeout, which I've been calling for, so that we can go back to the drawing board." Senator Kelly Ayotte/ (R) New Hampshire 

The President's approval ratings have plummeted, and there are some who aren't sure he can regain his traction. "Paradise lost, paradise regained. And when you lose something, you can find it again," said Rep. James Clyburn/ (D) South Carolina 

Republicans say next year's congressional elections will be a referendum on whether the president's policies worked.

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