Paul Vescovo, Bob Boy battle for Clay County Sheriff for the third and last time

CLAY COUNTY, Mo. - Bob Boydston was elected to the office of Clay County Sheriff in 1992. In 2000, he was beat out by Paul Vescovo. Eight years later, the two men swapped places again.

In 2012, the pair is facing off for the third time.

"In one of the local newspapers, they said this could turn into a grudge match. I don't have a grudge against my opponent. It's nothing personal," Vescovo explained.

It may not be personal, but Boydston thinks the tone has changed this time around.

This campaign is the first time either has purchased television air time. Vescovo has aired a political ad locally.

"For some reason in this campaign, he has become very dirty, very negative. He speaks through a segregate on Facebook and never takes any responsibility for the things that are said," Boydston said.

Boydston said his accomplishments as sheriff include bringing down seven different burglary rings, building a case against the man convicted of murdering three people at the Red Roof Inn and producing a DVD to educate children about internet safety.

However, Vescovo accused Boydston of using that teaching tool to campaign.

"It's no different than this, which is a political push piece," Vescovo said as he held the DVD in one hand and one of his own campaign fliers in the other.

He pointed to the picture of Boydston on the back of the DVD saying it was meant to collect political support.

"The difference is this: I paid for this," he said pointing to his own flier. "Taxpayers paid for this," he said pointing to the DVD.

Boydston lost the endorsement of the Kansas City Star this week because of sexual harassment allegations that led to four deputies losing their jobs.

"There were failures in our system. We've addressed those failures and we're confident it won't happen again," Boydston said.

While Vescovo doesn't think the incident was isolated, Boydston said he won't tolerate sexual harassment on his force.

This is likely the last time the two men will compete for the office of Clay County Sheriff. Boydston tells KSHB he doesn't plan to run again if he loses this time around.

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