Recount to contested Missouri House election is over but candidates summoned back to Election Board

KANSAS CITY, Missouri - A recount in the election for Missouri’s 40th House District is over and John Rizzo is still the Democratic nominee.

Wednesday afternoon, NBC Action News was told Rizzo won by one vote – 664 to 663.

Will Royster requested a new election after losing the initial election by a count of 667 votes to 664 for John Rizzo.

Royster said at least 30 votes were cast illegally in two precinct polling locations, one at the Kansas City Museum and the other at Garfield Elementary.

Some votes, Royster claimed, weren't properly signed and certified and others were cast illegally by one interpreter for several Somalis.

A Jackson County judge denied the request for the new election Tuesday and the issue went to a recount held Wednesday at the Kansas City Election Board.

The results came back just after 11 a.m. with Rizzo winning by a count of 702 to 688. But that number changed again by the Kansas City Election Board around 3:30 p.m. The recount was behind closed doors and details of the change could not be shared.

"Moving on finally, I'm happy to get started, we're going to run the general campaign and go from there but we are very happy to move on," said Rizzo.

When asked about the lawsuit, Rizzo said, "Everybody voted the way they wanted to and the issues from my opponent were baseless saying that people were electioneering and out of scope... and I'm sure when the Judge issues his opinion we'll find that out."

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