Atchison community shocked by killing of officer

ATCHISON, Kan. - Atchison Kansas is generally a quiet town.  The loudest this town gets is when an occasional train rolls through.  But what local KAIR 93.7 radio DJ Neil Wieland heard come across the scanners Friday Afternoon was out of the ordinary.

"Right away at the beginning we heard officer down, that is what got everyone's attention here at the radio station, you always have that time where you second guess yourself, did I hear that right," said Wieland.

Sergeant David Enzbrenner was shot and killed in the line of duty and his accused shooter, Skyler Barbee, then turned the gun on himself.  Enzbrenner's death is the second tragic loss in Atchison since October.  That's when six men were killed in the explosion at the Bartlett Grain Elevator.

"Gosh people around here really want 2011 to end very,very quickly and it is very understandable, a colleague said that Sgt. Enzbrenner gave him his first ticket and was reflecting on that." Wieland said. 

The radio station is doing whatever they can to help.

"We depend on listeners calling us with tips so we can help out, it is something we have the advantage of going in depth, we can talk to family members and do feature stories," said Wieland.

Stories that will help celebrate the life of Sergeant Enzbrenner and begin the healing process for this small community.

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