Group paints home across from Westboro Baptist rainbow colored to protest church

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) - An organization promoting peace is protesting the Westboro Baptist Church in a colorful way.

Members of Planting Peace painted the "equality house" -- which sits across the street from the church -- in rainbow colors, to symbolize equality, peace and positive change.

They say their goal is to take a stance against the Westboro church, which gained notoriety for protesting military funerals with provocative, anti-gay signs.

"The importance is to speak out ... in support of someone who's different," explained Davis Hammet, director of operations for Planting Peace. "It's about embracing diversity, and just if someone's being bullied or something, do something, don't just stand by, and so this is our way of doing something."

A spokesperson for the Westboro Baptist Church said the house only shines a brighter spotlight on their message.

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