Haskell Indian Nations University has first active shooter drill on campus

LAWRENCE, Kan. - Haskell Indian Nations University held its first-ever "active shooter" drill with the assistance of Lawrence police, emergency responders and University of Kansas security.

About nine student actors lied down on the campus lawn covered in fake blood, playing the part of potential gunshot victims near Sequoyah Hall. All 900 students at Haskell and about 250 staff members were told about the drill and put on lock down from 10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

School officials say the drill was not necessarily prompted by any one incident, and that they had been planning the drill since January. They said they contacted surrounding residents and neighbors about the shooting drill so no one would be alarmed if or when they saw police and students during the training.

The Haskell campus plans on having more drills like this one. Just like tornado and fire drills, officials said students need to know what to do if and when an active shooter is on campus.

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